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Index of Literature on my page:   Welcome to my Webpage!  
  Sorry for the extreme lack of updates recently. I have had some major computer problems, and have been unable to update my page. I hope I will get a chance to add more to the site soon. For now, please enjoy the literature I have. Thanks!  
God's Promises In Scripture
Tough Thoughts  
The Crucifixion  
This is a graphic description of the Crucifixion.  
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My friend Josh's homepage!!
Here is some info on me! My name is Joshua, and I'm a Junior in High School. I am taught at home, which is something I really enjoy because I can learn more about God and His eternal Love for man.

Number One: I'm a Christian! That's what counts the most. I am also very involved in classical music, and I intend to either perform clarinet when I graduate from college - if that is what the Lord wills.

I use ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger to chat with my buddies. You can contact me via AOL with the screen-name Lake Fork, and via ICQ with the number 17018108. I'll be more than happy to chat with you, especially if you are a fellow believer.

I will also be more than happy to assist you in becoming a Christian, or answering any questions you may have.

Please stay at my site as long as you wish. I intend to add a lot of Christian literature, so please return. Thanks!