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  Welcome to my Stories Page!
  Home Page  
  Here, you will find stories that have encouraged me along in my personal walk with Christ. Enjoy!  
  The Room  
  A story about how the many things Christ has fogiven in our lives.  
  Clean Blood  
  This is a story that puts you in God's makes you think about the sacrifice He gave when His Son died on the Cross.  
  Voice of The Master  
  A humorous story in man's eyes, but when you look at it with a certain perspective, one can see how God leads us along.  
  The Real 12 Days of Christmas  
  Have you ever wondered where this song came from? You might be very surprised to find out!  
  The Cracked Pot  
  This is a great analogy of how God can use what we consider personal flaws to glorify Him.  
  The Winner  
  When we try to do our best for God, and still end up beaten, God is still proud of us for trying.  
  A new concept: God is searching for us! This is a great story that has encouraged me in many areas of my life.  
  Leaving the Porch Light On  
  God is searching for us...wishing that we would answer His call.  
  Man's Desires  
  Sometimes we miss the hidden truth about the things we want...