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God's Basis for "Total Marriage"

            There are three basic requirements that people should understand before they commit to marriage.  These requirements establish Godís basis for the total marriage of two individuals.  First of all, the couple must come together in one spirit.  This is done during the level of courtship, and this spiritual intimacy occurs when two Christians are able to openly and joyfully share how God is dealing with them in their lives on salvation, total dedication, and victorious Christian living.  As a result, their genuine love for each other will heighten a delight in Scripture, witnessing, and Christian work.

The second requirement for total marriage involves the coming together in a oneness of mind, will, and emotion for life together.  This marriage of the soul occurs when both individuals realize that they have a greater effectiveness for the Lord married than if they were single.  At this stage, it becomes important to unite the families of both parties.  The result will be a new focus of expectation on the definite time when the plans for full marriage can be fulfilled.

Finally, the third requirement for total marriage is in the physical uniting of the couple.  The couple then becomes one flesh and establishes the covenant for marriage.  When these three requirements are understood and followed in this order, it will establish the basis for a complete spiritual, psychological, and physical consummation with in the marriage relationship.