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Greatest Cause of Marital Conflicts


            The greatest cause of marital conflict is defrauding.  Defrauding is literally the stirring up of sensual appetites that cannot be righteously fulfilled.  When a couple defrauds one another before marriage, it is a sign of a lack of self-control from the man and attempts for acceptance from the woman.  In marriage, this will result in a lack of trust from the woman toward her husband, because she will wonder how much self-control he has around other women.

As this distrust deepens, he will become insensitive to her needs, and she will question his love for her.  When the man begins to make demands on his wife, this will only confirm her doubts, which will result in a temporal focus in the wife as the husband attempts to prove his love for her through gifts.  Finally, this will bring financial difficulty to the couple, and the husband will be forced to focus on work to provide necessary funds while the wife is left to get involved in things that will fulfill her emotional needs.  Ultimately, the original act of defrauding will consequently devastate an entire marital relationship.