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Leaving the Porch Light On
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Leaving the Porch Light On
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He’s waiting for you. God is standing on the porch of heaven, expectantly hoping, searching the horizon for a glimpse of his child. You’re the one God is seeking.

God is the waiting Father, the caring Shepherd in search of his lamb. His legs are scratched, his feet are sore, and his eyes are burning. He scales the cliffs and traverses the fields. He explores the caves. He cups his hands to his mouth and calls into the canyon.

And the name he calls is yours.

He is the Housewife in search of the lost coin. No matter that he has nine others; He won’t rest until he has found the tenth. He searches the house. He moves furniture. He pulls up rugs. He cleans out the shelves. All other tasks can wait. Only one matters - the coin of great value to Him. He owns it. He will not stop until he finds it.

The coin He seeks is you.

God is the Father pacing the porch. His eyes are wide with his quest. His heart is heavy. He seeks his prodigal. He searches the horizon, yearning for the familiar figure, the recognizable gait. His concern is the son who wears His name, the child who bears His image. You.

He wants you home.

God wants you to be free of yesterday’s guilt. He wants you free of today’s fears. he wants you free of tomorrow’s grave. Sin, fear, and death. These are the mountains he has moved by the power of the cross. These are the prayers He will answer through the gift of His love.

The message is simple: God gave up His Son in order to rescue all his sons and daughters. To bring his children home. He’s listening for your answer.