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"...There They Crucified Him..."

Luke 23:33


Welcome to my homepage!  First, let me say that it is dedicated to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and may the website bring praise and honor to Him and Him alone.  I have been working on this site for a while now, and have added many pictures, Macromedia Flash movies, and many of my personal writings.

To those visiting this site, I would encourage you to search you soul and determine whether you have ever made a personal decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, and ask Him to cleanse you of your sins.  It is only when we realize that we are utterly depraved in the sight of God and understand that Jesus Christ is the only way we will spend an eternity in Heaven will we ever become a true "Christian." 

How can you be sure you are going to Heaven when you die?

Secondly..sorry for yet another terrible year at updating this page.  I think this may be a yearly know..update the page once a year..!  Actually, I would like to update it much more often, but between school and the Lord, there is not much time for anything else!  But praise the Lord that He is faithful, and will not leave me helpless during this busy time.  It is only by His grace that I keep living.

I do not know how often I will be updating my page right now, but, keep your eyes never what you may find when I get in the mood to update my page - last time, I put over a hundred pictures on the web!  At any rate - I pray that those who visit this site will be blessed, and that the information found here will be encouraging. Be sure to check out the page in dedication to John Suarez!!! He needs our prayers!!


To those of you who actually know me, thanks for your friendship!  I consider myself blessed to have friends and family like you.  Please pray for me!

Love you All,