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dace04 (10:15:53 AM): hey josh

Auto response from AdmnNtwrk842 (10:15:54 AM): School...leave a msg.

AdmnNtwrk842 (10:15:58 AM): hey
dace04 (10:15:58 AM): nevermind
dace04 (10:16:00 AM): lol
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:16:05 AM): lol
dace04 (10:16:06 AM): whats up?
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:16:12 AM): school
dace04 (10:16:20 AM): oh.. well do u want me to let you go?
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:16:40 AM): well, I can talk - it will just be somewhat sporadic
dace04 (10:17:31 AM): ok
dace04 (10:17:44 AM): I am wondering... did Rachel say anything to u yesterday about me?
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:18:08 AM): depends on what that "anything" is you're specifying?
dace04 (10:18:24 AM): just anything...
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:20:32 AM): well - first of all - let me ask you something
dace04 (10:20:38 AM): ok
dace04 (10:21:11 AM): brb
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:21:14 AM): ok
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:21:46 AM): who knows your email account password? or - lol, who do you THINK knows your email account password?
dace04 (10:23:26 AM): she does
dace04 (10:24:06 AM): y/
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:27:53 AM): ok - well, I'm going to be honest with you here - she and I had a conversation last week about you and she said there were a lot of emails that you two had written to each other - she also told me the whole situation between you two that has been going on for the past several weeks. then, without real intent to "break in," I started trying different passwords on your hotmail account - finally, I got in, and I'll be honest - I read some things that you probably would rather me have not read concerning this whole situation. I fully intended to speak to you in private about it yesterday, but I did not take the opportunity. For that I am sorry - and I need to ask your forgiveness for the whole incident. It was not very honest of myself, and I don't blame you for being upset and/or offended by my action. I do believe you need to know, and I was going to call you today and talk to you about it. But, you kinda caught me offguard this morning (and I'm glad you did.)
dace04 (10:28:37 AM): it's ok
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:28:39 AM): So, to be completely honest, I know about the whole situation. I'm sorry for what I did. You can be assured it won't happen again. I understand if you don't trust me though.
dace04 (10:28:51 AM): it's ok
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:29:05 AM): well, I appreciate your graciousness.
dace04 (10:29:13 AM): i kinda thought u kinda knew about it before hand
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:29:26 AM): it was not a Godly example though - and I regret that.
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:29:29 AM): well, to be honest
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:29:52 AM): I did know because of the extremely contradictory comments I would get from you and rachel
dace04 (10:30:14 AM): oh ok
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:30:54 AM): and, something else that you probably didn't realize - lol - rachel and I talk more than people think - and we get really deep really quick - another thing is that I read people fairly easy. I didn't actually "know", but I had a very big assumption.
dace04 (10:31:21 AM): oh
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:31:27 AM): so, in answer to your initial question
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:33:12 AM): yes, she told me that things have cooled off quite a bit between you two - to be honest, I kinda anticipated Sunday to be like it was for you and Rachel. Especially considering she brought another guy to church - to be blunt, I don't think that was very kind and sensitive, but - I also tried to warn both of you about the situation before it occured. She didn't say anything negative about you yesterday though. she just kept asking me if I had talked to you or knew what was going on with you.
dace04 (10:33:42 AM): oh
dace04 (10:33:52 AM): so she didn't tell you what was with tha guy whome she brought?
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:34:07 AM): of course, I didn't feel I could really talk to you until I got the email stuff off my chest
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:34:13 AM): well, I have my assumptions once again
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:34:22 AM): ..considering body language, eye contact, and the info from Meg
dace04 (10:34:43 AM): well if u know her password i wrote her an e-mail, and it will explain the way i acted kinda yesterday
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:34:43 AM): why - what do you know?
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:34:59 AM): I don't know her email password
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:35:13 AM): you'd have to forward the message to me if you want me to read it - but, I don't have to.
dace04 (10:35:18 AM): oh well Rachel and I went to homecoming... did she tell you that?
dace04 (10:35:27 AM): i don't know her password either
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:35:29 AM): she told me you two went out afterwards with your folks
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:35:38 AM): but, she didn't tell me that until yesterday
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:35:54 AM): of course, that was the first time she could tell me - however, didn't the actual "breakup" occur on Tuesday?
dace04 (10:36:07 AM): yeah well at dinner she told me that she wanted to dance a dance with Robert... the guy whom she brought
dace04 (10:36:12 AM): we never were dating
dace04 (10:36:15 AM): but u can say that
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:36:32 AM): oh - so you two went to the dance?
dace04 (10:37:49 AM): yes
dace04 (10:38:08 AM): well we arrived there and we took our pictures and after that she just left me
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:38:13 AM): Meg didn't go, did she?
dace04 (10:38:18 AM): She never came back till after the dance was over with
dace04 (10:38:21 AM): no she didnl\'t
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:38:38 AM): so, she spent her time with...Robert?
dace04 (10:38:42 AM): yes
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:38:54 AM): for what, two hours?
dace04 (10:39:09 AM): And do u know how hard it is to sit there and watch her dance with another guy and you having no one to dance with/
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:39:11 AM): how long was the dance? or how long were you there?
dace04 (10:39:15 AM): basicall about 1 and a half
dace04 (10:39:28 AM): basically
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:40:33 AM): yeah, I know the feeling...only once, but I've been there done that - lol, but, the girl wasn't "mine" - she danced with about four guys...but anyway..that's a different story.
dace04 (10:40:50 AM): yeah well she danced every song with him
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:41:01 AM): does Meg know any of this?
dace04 (10:41:08 AM): including the last song which was suppose to be the "special" song and i didn't dance that one
dace04 (10:41:20 AM): I kept saying in my head she is coming back so don't go dance
dace04 (10:41:21 AM): no
dace04 (10:41:23 AM): not that I know of
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:41:33 AM): I assume she sat with Robert on the bus on Saturday.>?
dace04 (10:41:37 AM): yes
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:41:49 AM): ...thus explaining why Meg was upset..
dace04 (10:41:53 AM): and yet when me and her ha dour little thing going.. she coudln't sit with me at all
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:42:23 AM): well, of course not! lol - because it would "look bad" because you two go to church together
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:42:33 AM): that's the explaination for that
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:42:37 AM): explanation
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:42:38 AM): *
dace04 (10:42:47 AM): we couldn't sit as friends?
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:43:07 AM): no - and here's why
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:45:20 AM): I believe there was a "mental barrier" between you and Rachel because you both received warning about the "relationship" situation from me and Meagan. You may not have cared about what we said, but it's obvious to me that Rachel did - thus indicating why you two didn't sit together on the bus, and why you both acted differently around each other at church. there was a barrier with you two - personally, I believe that was a good thing. now that Robert is in the picture though, she will find that there is no barrier except the barrier from Meagan - I "don't know" anything about Robert..therefore, I really can't say anything to her.
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:45:58 AM): does that make sense?
dace04 (10:46:10 AM): yes
dace04 (10:46:50 AM): I don't care that she has feelings for Robert I can get over that.... it's just that the dance was just horrible
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:47:16 AM): did it ever occur to you that the Lord may have been trying to get a point across to you during that time?
dace04 (10:47:49 AM): i think he did.... and I prayed about it all day yesterday that he can help me get the anger out of me... and it never worked
dace04 (10:48:01 AM): but when i wrote her an e-mail on how i really felt it all left
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:48:22 AM): what was stated in the email?
dace04 (10:48:42 AM): how i really felt about the dance and everything
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:49:04 AM): did you express anger in your email?
dace04 (10:49:10 AM): no
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:49:24 AM): what about forgiveness/and or asking for forgiveness?
dace04 (10:49:26 AM): and if i did I already went and ask her to forgive me before i typed anything
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:49:45 AM): ok
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:49:58 AM): Daniel...let me share something with you..
dace04 (10:50:07 AM): all i really wanted was one dance and I even told her that at dinner and she said she would
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:52:21 AM): ..make sure you avoid anger at all costs - especially toward a girl, and even more so in this situation. While it is justified in your mind, it won't be in God's. if you express any anger toward Rachel to her, she will become very upset. I say this from experience - heed the warning - she's working through a lot. you can be assured there is guilt in her conscience - the Lord will have to work it out of her in His time as she looks back to Him. you're going to have to put aside what it is that has hurt you, and just keep walking in the Lord's will - that's really all you can do.
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:52:26 AM): ..and all He wants you to do.
dace04 (10:54:03 AM): I have prayed that he would help me yesterday and as I prayed Matt chapter 6 just came to my head so finished praying and i read that chapter
dace04 (10:54:25 AM): but also thats why i kinda stayed away from her... and didn't much say anything to her
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:54:30 AM): what did you learn from that chapter?
dace04 (10:55:36 AM): I found the lords prayer which I have been trying to find
dace04 (10:55:42 AM): I didn't really get to finish it
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:55:46 AM): yeah
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:55:58 AM): what's the last verse that is stated in the Lord's prayer, Daniel?
dace04 (10:57:00 AM): And lead us not to temptation but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, Amen
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:57:17 AM): "lead us not into temptation"...what does the verse above that say?
dace04 (10:58:03 AM): And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:58:17 AM): do you see the temptation it is to hold that anger? but do you see that we must forgive those who hurt us, because Christ Himself forgave us of our hurt of sin toward Him?
dace04 (10:58:45 AM): Yes...
AdmnNtwrk842 (10:59:11 AM): it's a temptation to hold that anger - but we must not "fall short of the grace of God" - in other words, we must let Him take us through it by accepting the grace He is giving us - and He will "deliver us from evil."
dace04 (10:59:37 AM): right
dace04 (11:00:09 AM): It was anger though...
dace04 (11:00:18 AM): It was more of pain
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:00:30 AM): ..and hurt - I know.
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:00:48 AM): have you released it?
dace04 (11:00:59 AM): the pain and hurt/
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:01:04 AM): have you given it to the Lord?
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:01:05 AM): ye
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:01:05 AM): s
dace04 (11:01:42 AM): I tried so hard yesterday and i prayed and prayed and everything and when i thought i did, and when i saw her the memory of it would come back
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:01:48 AM): it won't go away instanting - it is a piercing wound that will take time to heal - but, as you apply the topical medication to a wound in your physical flesh, so must you apply the spiritual medication to your spiritual wound.
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:02:01 AM): *instantly
dace04 (11:02:45 AM): ok
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:02:49 AM): you ok?
dace04 (11:02:55 AM): yes
AdmnNtwrk842 (11:02:58 AM): ok