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Bible Preaching

Special thanks to Mr. Tom Klehm and the guys over at Bible for giving me copyright permission to post these recordings on my website!

Here are just a few of the recordings you can find over there. These are some of the older guys from previous generations...they have some good stuff! Listen, and enjoy!

You will need RealAudio Player to hear these files. You can get RealAudio from this the FREE one...unless, of course, you WANT to pay the $30 to register the “special” player..

“The Beatitudes”

Dwight. L Moody – (1837-1899)


Billy Sunday – (1862-1935)

“True Success”

George W. Truett – (1867-1944)

“We Shall All Be Changed”

J. Frank Norris – (1877-1952)

“Redeeming the Time”

William B. Riley – (1861-1947)

“Blotted Out”

Mel Trotter – (1870-1940)

“Come Unto Me”

Harry Ironsides – (1876-1951)